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The enterprise Plastika Razboršek d.o.o. is a modern private owned company, a qualitative producer and reliable supplier of aid to the dosage and packing of medicaments from plastics in the Pharma and medicine industry. The development and production of these run in partnership relationship with the clients and in accordance with the present quality standards, everything for the purpose of the placement of a product on the market, which is user-friendly and safe.


Vision of the enterprise Plastika Razboršek d.o.o.:

  • To become one of the prominent producers of aids to the dosage and packing of medicaments from plastic raw material after European yardsticks
  • To develop constantly new aids for the need of the Pharmaindustrie with special additional stress on security and technical suitability
  • In accordance with the present quality standards, which to the producers and dealers of medicine aids apply, business-actively its
  • Qualitative half products for our clients assure
  • Purchase conditions with our suppliers and buyers to partner relations develop
  • Achievement of the productivity per employee on the European level
  • The employee a friendly working environment make possible


We will carry out the vision and regulation as follows:

  • The manufacturing technology is extended for the need of the new product
  • The technology in the enterprise is constantly modernized and used optimally
  • The quality of the products is assured constantly in accordance with the quality standards – – The production of new products within the range of the packing of plastic products is developed
  • The machine technology is constantly modernized
  • Stable enterprise growth one assures
  • Of an immaculate and energy-saving production is taken care
  • With the production of the products qualitative raw materials are used, which assure ecological safety


Company name: Plastika Razboršek d.o.o.
Adress: Studenec 5c
Zip code and place: 1260 Ljubljana – Polje
Municipality: Ljubljana Polje
Phone: +386 (01) 549 70 66
Mobile phone: +386 (041) 759 552
Fax: +386 (01) 549 70 67
E-mail: info@razborsek.si
Owner: Henrik Razboršek
Director: Andreas Razboršek
Evidence number: 6604609
Tax number of the enterprise: SI22772189
Principal activity cipher of the enterprise: 25.240 production of plastic products
Transaction number with bank: ISIN:SI56031711001262825, SKB d.d.